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Are you preparing to list your home for sale?   Have you checked out the competition? 


When you get ready to sell your property, your property becomes a commodity, a piece of merchandise in the real estate market.  It is important that you know what other merchandise you are competing with, based on the location, the price and the condition.  What are other two bedroom, two bath condos selling for?  Check out Open Houses in your neighbourhood to assess the competition, ask your Realtor to show you comparables, and then take a good hard look at your property, with a critical eye, to maximize your property's place in the market.


Property sales are affected by a number of factors:  the current market conditions, the location of the property, the price of the property and the condition.  You can't change the market or the location, but you can make sure you price correctly and you can certainly influence the condition.  By Staging your property, you can be certain to maximize the value of your present equity, by showing your property at its very best.


Staging is a proven method of arranging furnishings to create a positive impression on Buyers, the moment they walk in the door.  Staging can simply involve editing collectibles and extra furnishings, or can go as far as repainting a room, refurbishing a bathroom or adding landscaping. 


The average buyer today is 32 years old, living in a one or two adult household, where all adults are working full-time, and children have many and varied activities.  The average buyer is seeking a property that will require little work, is in move-in condition, and is upgraded to modern standards.  If you are relying on Buyers to use their imagination on your home's potential, it will cost you time and money.


We are pleased to offer a complimentary Staging consultation with an Accredited Staging Professional, as part of our listing package.  If you would like to know how to best prepare your property to show it in the marketplace as well-kept, modern and desirable, she will offer suggestions with a priorty list of improvements or ideas you may wish to complete before your home is shown.  


Don't leave it to the Buyer's imagination - Buyer's only know what they see, not the way its going to be!   The best way to turn your property into a ‘hot' property is to prepare it for sale, and then price it right! 


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